The Story

raleyfield2Once upon a time, many years ago, five friendly families figured out a way they could work less, accomplish much, and still have fun. They enjoyed each others’ company immensely, so they made a plan to gather one Saturday every month at a house from someone in the group. On that day, they might do big things like paint a large deck, plant trees, or clean a garage. But sometimes they would do many small things like paint a bathroom, fix a broken door, and install a new ceiling fan. They called it a “work party”. The people who heard about these five friendly families nicknamed them the “Amish”, because there were many people working together in harmony to accomplish much.
One day, one of the friends found out that she had colon cancer. She went through chemo and other procedures for three years. The other four families created a healing garden for their friend, and they all had dinner together every week. During this time, the five friendly families were bound together more than ever before.
In July of 2011, their friend departed this world and the five friendly families were devastated. They wanted to do something that might help prevent other people from suffering the same way their friend did. They decided to raise money for colorectal cancer research, and give it to their dear, departed friend’s chosen organization: Fight Colorectal Cancer (FightCRC, formerly the Colorectal Cancer Coalition).
And now, the five friendly families are gathering together as they have done for so many years, to make and sell delicious homemade pies. For Lori.

Fast forward to September, 2012

During Cornish Christmas, 2011, it became quite clear that our mini pies were a highly desirable commodity. “Who doesn’t like pie?” was a reply I received today from a business owner, concerned about the impact the piemobile would have on the traffic flow at our new permanent home. We are no longer known as Amish Family Pies. We have developed into An Honest Pie. Our roots go very deep. They are entwined with our dear “Amish” friends, our family, our community. We have every intention of serving our community delicious fresh pie, but also serving our community by providing a much needed ray of hope by creating a new business during this economic downturn. We don’t have all the answers…far from it, but we do have pie. Come visit and say hi.