Hi. Haven’t been entering much, if anything, in this here blog site. Sorry about that. You see, I’ve been a little making pies and what not to spend a lot of time yapping at you all. However, I have seen the error of my way and I hope you will accept my sincere apology. I thought by posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you would have been sick of me.

So, rest assured, I am alive and doing well. I am actually in the process of creating our second Piemobile, to be named The Becca (Lori’s daughter). My husband and I traveled up to Burney, CA and brought back the darn cutest vintage trailer you’ve ever seen….well….it will be. It’s a diamond in the rough at this current moment. Our plan is to do our Honest Pie magic and make her into a great place to visit to buy and eat pie! I am going to attempt to add some pictures so you will be able to follow the progress of this transformation.

Nope…that didn’t work.